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Gala brings to you a tile brush which is perfect mostly for rough surfaces and superior particles. This product is planned in such a way that its wide flare on ends permits close sweeping to curb. To add on, this product is considered to select the f..


Gala Brush Iron is a good quality range of sleek, attractive and innovative cleaning equipments designed to care for all part of the home...


Gala, one of the largest manufacturers of home cleaning tools in India, brings out refill for moping cotton, made of bleached cotton which has super water absorbency capacity and long life. Everyone loves a home where the kitchen is sparkling, floors..


Gala Toilean New-Vf cleans under location of the toilet with effortlessness, last longer, cleans better. This brush is completed of strong nylon brushes which lasts longer and provides you a thorough cleaning. This brush is very supple and strong to ..



Gala Toilet Brush Double Hockey has best quality plastic bristles which assist in cleaning all the corners of your toilet with no much effort. It gives you a hygienic and clean toilet. Its distinctive curved shape helps in cleaning the dust and makin..


Use for cleaning commodes..


Gala Hexa Big plunger has a lengthy handle for a safe grip while the rubber cup at the base helps to efficiently loosen blocked pipes...



Gala Toilex gives you the excellent quality. It gives an especially good clean surface. It removes the bad smell and claims to form a seal on the top of the water in the commode before you do your business. Unlikable Odor does not make it out of bowl..



Soft bristles,Protects hands,Liquid dispenser...


The controlling and resourcefully planned toilet brush from Scotch Brite removes the hassle and ensures a clean and hygienic toilet. The Scotch Brite Toilet Brush has sturdy bristles which assist clean tough stains. With its ergonomic plan and high e..


Unique angled toilet brush with holder. Suitable for western toilets...


Unique angled toilet brush with holder. Suitable for western toilets..

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